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Episode 68: KISS KRUISE II Special

You wanted the best, you got the best – Sir Kayak on the KISS KRUISE! First of all a big THANK YOU to everyone that tuned in live on Monday night (November 12, 2012) and listened live to the show on Everyone that stayed to the end were privy to the bonus footage which was out of control. We edited the show down as much as we could this week but were still left with a LONG episode but hey, it’s the KISS KRUISE Special so recognize.

In this KK II Special Sir Kayak plays the iPod shuffle game with his new friends Ron and Alvin with Princess Di and Becca sitting ringside. Let’s all hope Alvin’s girl had a sense of humor and a sense that Yak was blowing a 4. Sir Kayak also talks to half of rock powerhouse, the No 13s. Pagan Raygun and Sleepy Pie Jones stagger up to the clown table after a night of Guinness and metal karaoke. Great guys, great sound – CHECK THEM OUT!

Sir Kayak talks to Comedian, actor and co host of the podcast Comedy Film NerdsGraham Elwood! A fellow nerd, MMA lover and extremely funny guy, it was a pleasure to shoot the breeze with Graham for a couple of minutes on KK II! Check out Graham’s website, podcast and new CD!

A personal highlight of Sir Kayak’s was watching the Yacht Rock Revue performing the soundtrack to Dazed and Confused. WOW! These guys are great…down to earth, talented and hilarious (Bloody Mary’s and Bingo was classic!). A drunk Sir Kayak had problems with the mic but was able to get the band to say a few words and also some candid bonus material for all that tuned in live. Hopefully we can get Nick to Skype in live to a future show.

Sir Kayak also talked to DJNOIZ, the KISS ARMY VIXENS and a few other guests. Yak talked about all his new friends, getting hammered, the panda star child, bromance and the KISS KRUISE MANIACS (his new rock family). Thank you to KISS, Sixthman, the Maniacs and all of Sir Kayak’s new friends for making the KK II an amazing experience. We will be back next Monday night live for episode 69 (who knows what will happen there!).

What’s up Yak and Princess Di

Captain Demon

The No 13s – Killing it!

Yacht Rock Revue – smooth

Graham loved Sir Kayak’s Star Wars tats

Ron and yak (left) – Yak and Alvin (right) – iPod shuffle game (douche chills)



Bromance with Yak and Josh (left) – Santa Kayak and Becca (right)

Hulkamania Antman and Kayak on Halloween

So many photos could be put into this post but the fun has to end somewhere. I hope all of you had a great time that were on the KK II and for those less fortunate, I hope you enjoyed some of the tales from high seas. Anyone wanting to see more photos send us an email to

Tune into Knights of the octagon this Wednesday night to hear guest Tim Boda talk about Ultimate Athletics – Syracuse as well as some of our friends picking this Saturday’s UFC card. Until then – Slap it, Flip it and Dip it!

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